hand painted glass

It started with a desire to have something I couldn't find anywhere. I wanted a simple hand painted glass with a painted shell and my monogram. I'd never seen anything like it anywhere. Seeing as I couldn't find what I wanted I had to make it. My first custom hand painted wine glasses were a Christmas gift to my husband. Each glass had a different seashell and our monogram and our childrens' names. He loved them as did all our friends. They encouraged me to sell them, but, I did not pursue it actively for 15 more years...it was such a personal and intimate labor of love that I gave them away as gifts or donated them to worthy causes to be auctioned off. Eventually, my passion for producing a timeless, beautiful, heirloom that could be passed down among generations like I wanted for my children won out...It was important to me to make something aesthetically pleasing, something personal, something that would have significance and a timeless appeal... My hand painted glassware are all made in the U.S.A. and hand painted in Florida.


Margot Lar